Check out our latest EB tresos software solution for NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX, a development platform for ADAS

September 16, 2015 

Elektrobit, Infineon, and NVIDIA create a development platform for Advanced driver assistance systems.

Elektrobit (EB) is working with Infineon Technologies, and NVIDIA to make it easier for car makers and their suppliers to create advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that integrate the highest levels of safety. Together, we are delivering a first-of-its-kind solution that represents a powerful development platform for automated driving.

The offering integrates technologies from EB, Infineon and NVIDIA to deliver the increased computing power and intelligence required to handle the incredible complexity of automated driving. ADAS applications developed using the solution will enable a vehicle to not just sense, but to interpret what is happening around it and communicate information to the driver, to other critical systems within the vehicle, to other vehicles nearby, and to the cloud.

The solution consists of the NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX self-driving computer integrated with EB’s AUTOSAR 4.x-compliant EB tresos software, which runs on the NVIDIA Tegra processor and AURIX™ 32-bit TriCore™ microcontroller from Infineon.

Read the official press release or explore more technical details here.

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