Check out the news for EB GUIDE 6.4

May 23, 2017 

Learn more about our new EB GUIDE 6 feature demo, our EB GUIDE 6.4 widget template library, and our new blog entry.

EB GUIDE 6 feature demo

The new EB GUIDE 6 feature demo showcases the capabilities and performance of the tool. See the different buttons and sliders you can use in your project. View the EB 3D car in motion. Use the settings tab to change the language.

Download the new feature demo from our EB GUIDE Resources page.

EB GUIDE 6.4 – Introducing the scene graph widget

EB GUIDE 6.4 comes with new and improved 3D features: the scene graph widget is our latest 3D addition. Create 3D content in dedicated authoring tools and import as FBX or Collada files into EB GUIDE. Tune your 3D content directly from within the tool to accommodate HMI design. Expose the entire 3D scene structure when loaded into EB GUIDE. Access all relevant 3D scene parameters such as viewing, lighting, or material settings and fully control them directly from within the tool.

Learn more in our EB GUIDE 6 blog.

EB GUIDE 6.4 widget template library

The new widget template library offers templates for the most common widgets – buttons, lists, and sliders – that are used in an EB GUIDE project. With this library, design is easier, iterations are quicker, and customization gives you the edge that makes your product stand out.

Download the new widget template library from our EB GUIDE Resources page.

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