Download the presentations from our 3rd Elektrobit Tech Day, USA – Dec. 3rd

December 9, 2015 

Our experts presented a series of in-depth discussions exploring the latest trends and developments in autonomous driving, connected car solutions, human machine interfaces, AUTOSAR, functional safety, security, software integration, and more.

Have you enjoyed our presentations and the discussions during our third North American Tech Day at the Westin Southfield Detroit?

Download the presentations here:


8:30 Registration and Breakfast
9:00 Welcome Address
Artur Seidel, Vice President
9:15 “Introduction to EB GUIDE 6”
Dominique Massonie, Product Manager
EB GUIDE, with its model-based approach, saves time and money during the HMI development process. EB GUIDE’s modeling environment for mulmodal user interfaces with graphics, voice, touch, and gestures is unique among integrated HMI toolchains. Learn more about the latest version of EB GUIDE 6 with its modern-user centric GUI and other improvements.
9:45 “EB Race – Complex Systems Analyzed, Understood, Improved, Automated”
Torsten Mosis, Senior Architect, and Sebastian König, Consultant
Identify and localize system defects and shortcomings throughout the project lifecycle! EB RACE provides a flexible toolset to correlate various types of runtime system data. EB RACE provides a whole new way of analyzing and improving highly complex automotive software.
10:15 Coffee Break and Networking
10:45 “Supercomputing to Supercars”
Dave Anderson, NVIDIA
Our vehicles are quickly becoming the largest and most powerful computer we own. NVIDIA is working to advance vehicle capabilities by bringing true supercomputing technology to the industry. We will highlight the advancements Deep Learning is bringing to the self-driving user experience as well as the in-vehicle user experience.
11:15 “EB’s Platform for Autonomous Driving”
Björn Giesler, Head of Driver Assistance

“EB Assist ADTF Automotive Data and Time Triggered Framework”
Jochen Messner

Autonomous driving requires significantly more software than a traditional driver assistance system. This software needs to be packaged in a future-proof, modular way that keeps functional safety and scalability in mind while not neglecting the high-performance computation requirements of autonomous driving. EB has teamed up with NIVIDIA and Infineon to build a hardware-software platform for driver assistance and self-driving car development that fulfills all of these requirements.

12:15 Lunch
1:30 “Autonomous Driving – From Fail-Safe to Fail-Operational Systems”
Rudi Grave, Senior Expert
Most current automotive systems are based on fail-safe architectures: functions are inhibited if errors are detected. This type of error handling is no longer sufficient to ensure the safety of the vehicle occupants as some functionality needs to be available for the safest possible operation. This discussion will highlight basic error detection and correction concepts and explain how they can be implemented in a cost-sensitive industry.
2:00 “How Security Mechanisms Can Protect Cars Against Hackers”
Christoph Dietachmayr, Solutions Manager
ECU and vehicle communication security is one of the most complex challenges faced by today’s engineers. This presentation will discuss how to use the existing AUTOSAR architectures to design ECUs to meet today’s security requirements including secured communication between ECUs.
2:30 Coffee Break and Networking
3:00 “AUTOSAR: From System Model to ECU Software”
Dheeraj Sharma, Senior Software Engineer
The increasing complexity of ECU software has made it vital to design for modularity, scalability, transferability and re-usability of functions. AUTOSAR’s common software infrastructure for automotive systems has made it the standard for next generation vehicle architectures. Experts from EB will present a system model to ECU software workflow using EB tresos solutions.
3:30 Closing Remarks and Networking
Damian Barnett, Director


Morning Hands-On with AUTOSAR and EB tresos Studio
Dheeraj Sharma, Senior Software Engineer
EB experts will guide participants through an AUTOSAR workflow using EB tresos Studio on a Windows Platform. Participants will get hands-on experience with:

  • Overview of EB tresos Studio configuration tool and ACG EB’s basic software stack.
  • Configuration of various AUTOSAR modules, e.g. COM stack, OS, RTE, etc.
  • Usage of EB tresos Studio advanced features like Importers and Wizards, etc.
  • Generation of source code from a configured AUTOSAR stack.
Afternoon Model-based Development of Multimodal
User Interfaces Including Speech Dialog

Dominique Massonie, Product Manager
Compelling user interfaces with an intuitive usability across all modalities are an important feature for car brand experience. At the same time, driver distraction has to be minimized. An integrated toolchain, such as EB GUIDE 6, can be used through all development
phases to achieve both goals. EB´s experts will show you how to model and simulate a speech-enabled UI on a desktop environment, and deploy this model with identical look-and-feel to a target.


We hope you enjoyed our Tech Day and will join us again in 2016.

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