EB achieves preferred supplier status for AUTOSAR Software at Toyota

September 14, 2016 

Toyota recommends EB tresos AutoCore.

Toyota introduces the AUTOSAR standard in its next generation electronic control units (ECUs) and now lists Elektrobit (EB) as one of its preferred vendors for basic software (BSW). This means that Toyota strongly recommends that suppliers of ECUs use EB´s AUTOSAR 4.2.1 compliant software EB tresos AutoCore for next-generation Toyota vehicles.

Toyota selects, verifies and finally approves preferred suppliers to ensure the smooth launch of its ECUs. The nomination of EB as a preferred supplier for basic software ensures smooth interoperability within Toyota cars and paves the way for a technology base which is needed for innovative functions. EB´s nomination ensures an easy AUTOSAR adaption for Tier-1 suppliers with a high level of reliability in Toyota projects.

EB gained extensive basic software know-how over the last more than 20 years. We are an active part of the AUTOSAR consortium, one of its first premium members, and our AUTOSAR software is already on the road in millions of vehicles all over the world. Now, we are proud to become an official preferred supplier for Toyota and we are looking forward helping Tier-1s to enter the AUTOSAR world.

Our core product EB tresos AutoCore is an industry-leading AUTOSAR-compliant basic software stack for automotive ECUs. Its modular and extensible framework makes it a perfect software base for developing innovative software applications, e.g. for ADAS systems. EB tresos AutoCore for Toyota ECUs will integrate Toyotas own communication module.

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