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Elektrobit (EB) is opening up new horizons for automated driving

June 5, 2014 

EB introduces new version of EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution to support state-of-the-art driver assistance functions

EB introduces new version of EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution to support state-of-the-art driver assistance functions

ERLANGEN, GERMANY, June 3, 2014 – EB (Elektrobit) is introducing new functions for its EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution, offering more flexibility for carmakers and suppliers for implementing predictive driver assistance systems. The new version enables them to use digital map information across car lines and model configurations, without the need for having an active navigation system.

EB’s electronic horizon is a key element for developing predictive driver assistance systems, providing essential map data for features such as night vision, curve speed warning and traffic sign detection or range determination for e-cars. Electronic horizon information plays a major role in the development of for predictive driving features and will do so even more in the future, as carmakers are introducing more and more automated driving features.

EB is one of the few automotive suppliers offering an electronic horizon solution that combines both navigation software and driver assistance systems software, thus offering a seamless experience from one single source. EB’s electronic horizon features the most detailed road geometry data currently in the market. It offers the same precision as data used for highway engineering and thus allows for smoother and more accurate driver assistance functions like predictive curve lighting and range determination. The EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution is also able to deliver this information both to EB’s own driver assistance software development environment and to a wide range of other driver assistance platforms from various suppliers. In addition, electronic horizon data can be visualized on EB’s new driver assistance testing tool, the EB Assist Car Data Recorder.

“With the EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution and our driver assistance software development framework, we are offering a unique tool kit for industry-leading predictive driver assistance systems from one single source,” explains Dr. Rolf Dubitzky, driver assistance director at EB Automotive.

Major carmakers have already adopted EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution for a wide range of models. Cars already on the road with EB’s solution feature driver assistance functions such as range determination and traffic sign detection. Furthermore, EB’s electronic horizon is used in various R&D projects like eco-driving functionalities for cars and trucks.

The “electronic horizon” forms the basis for numerous predictive driver assistance features. It provides driver assistance systems with detailed map and GPS data about the route ahead, e.g. speed limits, road curvatures and topographic information. Electronic horizon data supports features like predictive curve light, adaptive cruise control and range determination.

“The importance of the electronic horizon will continue to grow in the next years,” says Markus Schupfner, executive vice president, operations at EB Automotive. “Together with real-time information about the traffic situation, weather and road conditions, the electronic horizon is not only the basis for autonomous driving, but also for the optimal use of e-mobility.”

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