Elektrobit releases EB GUIDE 6.1 adding new languages and an improved UI

November 30, 2015 

EB releases version 6.1 of EB GUIDE, adding new user interface languages and offering an improved UI

EB today released version 6.1 of its HMI development tool, EB GUIDE. This release includes user interface improvements and makes the product available with a Chinese and a Japanese interface, in addition to the current English interface.

EB GUIDE is Elektrobit’s product for developing HMIs through modeling. It supports development of graphical, touch, speech, and haptic user interfaces.

In addition to the product improvements in this release, EB has added six new tutorials to the EB GUIDE website, showing how to:

  • Model a path gesture
  • Model button behavior with EB GUIDE Script
  • Add a dynamic state machine
  • Make a rectangle move across the screen
  • Create a list
  • Add language dependent text to a datapool item

You can find all the latest documentation on the resources page and download the 6.1 release of EB GUIDE’s Community edition on the website.

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