Elektrobit hosts Gate4Spice Event: „Process vs. Product Quality”, Oct. 7th, 2015 in Erlangen

September 21, 2015 

EB invites for an intacs Gate4SPICE event to its site in Erlangen.

Gate4Spice is the abbreviation for “Global AssessorTEam for SPICE” and a Gate4Spice event is the gathering of the SPICE Assessor community to discuss and deepen a certain topic of the standard. EB is glad to host this event for the first time.

Together with the SPICE Assessor community we will discuss the following topic: While there is a correlation between a well-defined and followed development process and a well-constructed product, the question remains open if the sentence – a ‘good’ process always leads to a ‘good’ product – is true. While Automotive SPICE assessments are process audits, the standard allows for a certain interpretation of the quality of work products, e.g. the software design needs to be “adequate” in order to sufficiently control the technical complexity.

EB has a strong Assessor community consisting altogether of 15 Provisional and Competent Automotive SPICE Assessors. Besides EB, three other companies are contributing to the event in form of very interesting speeches and discussions which we highly appreciate.

Join us for this extraordinary event on October 7th on the Elektrobit site in Erlangen.


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