Join our webinar “Enabling automotive Ethernet network connectivity for virtual machines”, March 6

February 22, 2019 

Helmut Gepp discusses how Virtual Switch can extend the functionality of a hypervisor for Ethernet to enable communication between virtual machines and other features.

Learn about how virtual machines (VMs) are connected to the Automotive Ethernet, listen to detailed explanations for the different hardware options of Ethernet network connection, including a single Ethernet controller with multiple Tx/Rx-queues, solutions with multiple Ethernet controllers, a System-on-Chip (SoC) with an integrated hardware switch and filtering/routing hardware blocks, and connectivity via PCIe and SR-IOV.

Connecting an ECU to the Automotive Ethernet network was straight forward: one or multiple cores have been managed by a Classic AUTOSAR Operating System with an Ethernet Driver controlling the single Ethernet Interface to the network. With the introduction of high-performance computer ECUs, the situation changed.

In this 60-minute webinar, EB’s Helmut Gepp discusses the software layer, called Virtual Switch, which extends the function of a hypervisor for Ethernet with features such as the communication between VMs, VLAN membership, broadcast/multicast handling, time synchronization, and firewalling.

March 6, 2019 @ 10 a.m. (Detroit) | 4 p.m. (Stuttgart) | 8:30 p.m. (New Delhi)

Please register on the website of Automotive World.

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