Join our presentation at the Automotive Ethernet Congress 2018

January 23, 2018 

Don’t miss our inspiring session “Automotive plug & play – from theory to implementation” hosted by Dr. Michael Ziehensack.

Join us at the Automotive Ethernet Congress in Munich, a 2-day event with this year’s special focus on physical layer, network architecture, AVB/TSN as well as safety and security.

Do not miss our inspiring session “Automotive plug & play – from theory to implementation” hosted by EB’s Dr. Michael Ziehensack and Hari Parmar (Jaguar Land Rover) on January 30 at 2:30 p.m.

In 2016 JLR and EB presented a concept for a flexible and scalable E/E network architecture, called Automotive Plug & Play. Joint work has been carried out on validating the concept and creating a demonstrator transforming the concept from theory to implementation. Automotive Plug & Play aims to ease the way into the exciting future and complexity of Service Oriented Architecture and tries to bridge the gap between the IT and Automotive World. In a future that:

  • • Features can be added throughout the life-cycle of the hardware.
  • • Sensors/actuators located in different parts of the vehicle can be shared between features (zonal approach).
  • • Every function is represented as a collection of services spread across the network.

Automotive Plug & Play allows automatic network configuration by introducing a learning mode that separates the configuration and the operation phase of the network. In addition, actuators/sensors from low speed networks are integrated dynamically to the service based communications over an Ethernet network by using device proxies on a standardised gateway platform.

In this presentation we want to share the results of the validation and show the feasibility and strengths of the concept. The challenges of moving away from 100s of monolithic ECUs to smaller numbers of more powerful Computing platforms and of the increase of the number of possible network configurations/variants will be addressed. Finally it will be shared how the key components of the concept are going to be standardised to make it available for adoption in future E/E network architectures.


Get the chance to expire the latest technologies live at our booth N°28.


Learn more about this congress taking place on January 30th and 31st in Munich in the Hilton Munich Park hotel.


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