Join our presentations at the Int. ATZ conference on Driver Assistance Systems

April 11, 2017 

Frankfurt at Main is the place to be on April 25th and 26th to learn about the latest developments in automated driving.

In 2016 we saw new developments in automated driving. Advanced assistance systems are now available that allow trucks to see, think, and act and the potential for transferring technology from cars to commercial vehicles will help with the development of these systems. Interoperability is a fundamental requirement for the introduction of highly automated driving and in around five years’ time we may well have reached that point, because there are no longer any technical problems involved in sharing data from different manufacturers. In order to ensure that data from vehicles and the environment, some of which is cloud-based, can be exchanged without difficulties, interfaces need to be opened up and standards agreed upon. In addition, secure and regular updates “over the air” are important to enable us to make use of the swarm intelligence that is necessary for automated driving.

Join our presentations by Dr. Sebastian Ohl, Senior Expert Driver Assistance, on April 25th at 2 p.m. “From research to mass production – using a versatile platform for developing new HAD software functions” and by Dr. Nicole Beringer, Program Manager, on April 26th at 2 p.m. on “Sensor-based learning – one step closer to autonomous driving”.

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