Join us at the ELIV MarketPlace 2018 in Baden-Baden, Oct. 16-17

October 11, 2018 

Meet and engage in discussions with Dr. Nicole Beringer and our Executive Vice President Martin Schleicher.

The ELIV MarketPlace takes place every two years and focuses on the implementation of electrics and electronic engineering in the automotive industry. Meet our experts Martin Schleicher (Executive Vice President) and Dr. Nicole Beringer and engage in lively discussions with them.

Martin Schleicher will deliver a speech on software platforms for high performance ECUs on the first day at 14:15 in Session 2. Topics covered will include the change in automotive architecture from complex domain architectures towards high performance and centralized architectures, their benefits of scalability, upgradability and updateability, the new role of hardware- and software infrastructure, software-function suppliers and system integrators, as well as the restructuring of product license models.

Dr. Nicole Beringer will talk about the extension of sensor ranges and the environment model by inclusion of HD cards on the second day at 15:00 in Session 2. Her speech will include local environment models, the EB framework for automated driving (EB robinos), cloud-based aggregation of environmental information, as well as distributed environmental model information.

Join us on October 16th and 17th in Baden-Baden, Germany. Check out the official conference website.

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