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New Version of EB Assist Car Data Recorder (CDR)

February 3, 2015 

EB Assist Car Data Recorder, a measurement technology providing a tablet interface you can use to gather test drive data and assess its quality on the spot, provides new features. The latest version enhances simplified test drive recording even more.

Some new features of the latest version enhance simplified test drive recording even more:

  •  An additional observer mode “Demo” for easy understanding of the main facts of test drive results
  • Configurable trigger actions increase flexibility for different test drive tasks
  • Text-to-speech interface allows configurable voice commands for e.g. test drive instructions
  • Annotations can now be triggered automatically for easier and faster test drive comments
  • All widgets can now be named individually and names can be displayed with the swipe of a finger
  • EB Assist Visor is now available with integrated documentation
  • First version of EB Assist Visor for iPhone (iOS 8)


Download EB Assist Visor for free and get a sneak preview of the EB Assist CDR features by checking out the demo mode.



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