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Watch our new EB velima video

January 4, 2018 

Software for customer satisfaction insights. Listen and learn.

Car makers and mobility service providers need to continuously improve their offering to stay ahead in the race for customer satisfaction and loyalty. For that reason, large sums are spent on market research.
At the same time, consumers get used to speech technology in their everyday life, be it speech controlling the car, a smart home, or mobile assistants.
EB’s software uniquely combines over ten years of experience in speech software with reliable cloud operations. The result is a direct feedback channel, from consumers to car makers, that helps car makers better understand how people feel about their products.

EB velima is an automated service, that provides customer satisfaction insights from spoken input directly. It transforms utterances into text, classifies and stores them in a data warehouse, and comes with an easy-to-use, interactive dashboard.

Watch our new EB velima video, giving you insight on the benefits of this software for customer satisfaction insights:

Furthermore learn more about the benefits and key features of EB velima.

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