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Watch our new video and read our TechPaper on ADAS

November 9, 2015 

ADAS – Contributor and beneficiary of cloud-enriched map data!

Highly accurate map data is a cornerstone of automated driving. But exactly what does that mean, and how will self-driving cars benefit from map features and ADAS? How will ADAS, in turn, benefit from them?

If you’re curious about the functions and features of integrated map and sensor data applications in today’s driver assistance systems, and you wonder what makes them tick, the TechPaper is for you. EB experts Björn Giesler, Peter Kunath, Thomas Halva Labella, and Michael Reichel discuss the timeliness, usefulness, and reliability of data; related safety issues; and more in this informative analysis.

Get a quick overview and explore EB´s solution for getting one step closer to automated driving.

Watch the video and read the TechPaper in our Tech Corner.

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