Join our webinar “EB Assist Test Lab on Microsoft Azure: Cloud-based end-to-end data management for autonomous driving”, November 5

October 16, 2019 

EB’s Dylan Dawson and Microsoft’s Mitra Sinha introduce a solution to efficiently manage petabytes of test drive data


Automotive engineering teams are required to use multiple, often unaligned, tools to handle the complete validation and verification process of ADAS and automated driving. As such systems become increasingly complex and data intensive, the process has become correspondingly more challenging and convoluted. Scaling these complex systems is especially problematic.

To tackle these challenges, Elektrobit introduces EB Assist Test Lab, a unique end-to-end approach to validation and verification, providing a “one-stop shop” solution integrating tools that are already on the market and in use with additional functionality to cover critical gaps. It covers the entire testing cycle, from data collection to data analysis, including optimized processes for collaboration, integration with third-party tools and services, data processing and management, and more.

Given the massive data volumes required for ADAS and automated driving development—up to hundreds of terabytes of data every day—EB incorporates the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to address the scalability challenges associated with the processing and storage of PB-scale test data. This allows for near infinite flexibility and scalability, i.e. meeting peak demands during parallel tests. Developers can now upload and store petabytes of real and simulated test drive data via a robust, secure high-speed cloud network from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, Azure provides unmatched performance, flexibility, and scalability.

November 5, 2019 – 10am (Detroit) | 4pm (Stuttgart) | 8:30pm (New Delhi)

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