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EB Assist ADTF – EB Assist Car Data Recorder Toolbox 1.4.0 and EB Assist Visor 1.11.0 released

The Version 1.4.0 of the Car Data Recorder Toolbox for EB Assist ADTF 2.9.0 and version 1.11.0 of the EB Assist Visor have been released

Some changes and bug fixes came with the release:

  • Triggers can now be configured
    • Annotations can now be triggered automatically
    • Multiple recorders can be triggered independently
  • New interface for Text-to-Speech integrated
  • New observer mode “Demo” with stronger restrictions was implemented
  • Increased number of allowed observer
  • First version of EB Assist Visor for iPhone (iOS 8)
  • Documentation of EB Assist Visor was integrated into the app
  • Fixed some small bugs

The Toolbox is available on the EB Command server:

EB Assist Visor 1.11.0  (App) is available on the AppStore.

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