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Version 1.0.0 of the AUTOSAR Toolbox for EB Assist ADTF-2.10.0 has been released


The ADTF AUTOSAR Toolbox provides an AUTOSAR environment for Software Components within ADTF. It acts as an AUTOSAR RTE interfacing SWCs and ADTF, so SWCs can be seamlessly integrated into ADTF filter graphs. From ADTF’s point of view, an SWC is just another filter in the filter graph.

ADTF AUTOSAR Toolbox is shipped with the following ready to use components:

  • AUTOSAR Support Service provides services for handling ARXML files. Tasks of this support service is parsing the files and providing the gained information in a database to the AUTOSAR Filter.
  • AUTOSAR Filter builds the bridge between ADTF and AUTOSAR. This filter defines the interfaces and mechanism the RTE would provide in an AUTOSAR environment. It also provides the graphical representation of a Filter in the ADTF DevEnv.

Apart from the prebuilt components shipped with the toolbox there are two other fragments that need to be compiled each time a Software Component is deployed. Both are part of the Software Component Shared Library:

  • RTE Client. Every SWC is deployed with an RTE Client implementation that interfaces to the RTE implementation within the AUTOSAR Filter. The code for this RTE Client is generated to Rte_<swc-shortname>.cpp.
  • Software Component Implementation is your implementation of a software component. This implementation is a “normal” AUTOSAR Application SWC and should not have any dependencies to ADTF or other PC-related libraries. The Software Component’s surrounding and dependencies should be strictly composed by the AUTOSAR specifications.

To make arxml files known to ADTF, a new property ARXML Files is introduced to specify the used arxml files.

For the purpose to easily change the data structure independently from the program code, ADTF uses the Data Definition Language (DDL) to describe the exchanged data.

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