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cloud-based data management

Primary use cases


Ingest data

Simplify your process and experience new efficiencies:

  • Trace uploads with QR code generator
  • Receive notifications on progress
  • Upload scalable workloads

Enhance data

Enrich your data to the fullest with rich metadata automation:

  • Annotations (CAN bus, sensors, etc.)
  • Geographics
  • Weather conditions
  • Custom metadata
  • Post ingest comments

Search data

Explore your data with ease and find drive scenes with specific attributes:

  • Basic, advanced, and guided searches
  • Autocompletion and search assist
  • Campaigns to manage queries
  • Centralized database, searchable globally

Deliver data

Improve data collaboration – share globally:

  • Create and monitor personal data campaigns
  • Publish data needs to all system users
  • Share data sub-sets internally or externally
  • Track data fulfillment in real time


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PaaS / SaaS service type SaaS only
Ingest recordings Up to 500MB
Manual / automated upload method Manual only (web GUI)
Hybrid data storage (cloud / on-premises) Cloud only
Fully manageable data access rights Proprietary uploads and sample data only

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Commercial use Free non-commercial use only

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Cloud-based data management for automated driving

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