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EB Assist

Advanced driver assistance systems software solutions


Staying competitive means being on the cutting edge of driver assistance and autonomous driving solutions. Your drivers want accident prevention, comfort driving systems, and advanced navigation – and they want them green. Giving customers what they want requires integrating and leveraging the many highly sophisticated driver assistance technologies being developed. We provide proven tools, solutions, and engineering services for building these state-of-the-art driver assistance systems.


Demonstrate responsibility and reliability

EB Automotive is a well-regarded industry leader in driver assistance software. Numerous leading manufacturers and suppliers use EB’s solutions and services.

Lead in technology

EB, as a pure software company with extensive knowledge in driver assistance software development and implementation, puts you on the fast lane to autonomous driving. Our interlocking solutions and services (driver assistance, navigation, human machine interface (HMI), car infrastructure, Functional Safety, and connected services) let you implement a variety of automotive software solutions using a single, reliable source. Elektrobit enables carmakers and suppliers to build cars that lead in technology.

Be and stay state-of-the-art

With more than two decades of embedded software experience, we deliver the latest technology for road safety and traffic awareness. We constantly refine and update our products, solutions, and thinking to accommodate changes in technology and new market challenges.

Experts with extensive knowledge

EB’s team of software developers, architects, and project managers uses the latest software development methods – from traditional to agile – along with qualified tools. Our specialists have professional skills and extensive knowledge acquired from delivering a wide variety of driver assistance solutions. You can rely on us as a value-adding partner.

Stay one step ahead in the connected world

It’s challenging to accommodate the growing number of sensors and technologies such as radar, ultrasonic, video cameras, navigation, and wireless communications (Car2X). EB´s fusion of sensor data and the technologies for processing that data enable you to master the challenges of autonomous driving.



Key Features

EB Assist features:

  • Reliable, flexible, and cost-effective tools to simplify and accelerate driver assistance software development
  • Measurement technology that minimizes evaluation time and data errors, maximizing efficiency
  • Products and solutions based on industry standards (ADASIS, CAN, LIN, ADTF, etc.)
  • An electronic horizon solution that uses digital map information across car lines and model configurations without the need to have an active navigation system
  • Driver assistance software running on any ECU ready for volume production and to be on the road
  • Measurement tools for testing and validation of video-based driver assistance features
  • Engineering services for integration and industrialization of driver assistance software


Automated Driving

A cornerstone of automated driving is highly accurate road map data. This video demonstrates EB´s approach: “ADAS – contributor and beneficiary of cloud-enriched road map data”.


EB Assist products, solutions, and services

EB Assist ADTF

A proven and widely used tool for development, validation, and visualization of driver assistance and highly automated driving features.

EB Assist CAR Box

High-performant and reliable automotive PC system to suit your testing and validation needs.

EB Assist Busmirror

Ready to use for automated ECU testing, e.g., rest bus simulation (RBS), software-/hardware-in-the-loop (SIL/HIL), end-of-line (EOL), or as an integral part of your production line.

EB Assist bus tools

Modular I/O slot cards, I/O interface modules, and simulation tools.

EB Assist Car Data Recorder (EB Assist CDR)

A measurement technology providing a tablet interface you can use to gather test-drive data and assess its quality on the spot.

EB Assist Traffic Sign Assistant (EB Assist TSA)

Provides current valid speed limits and road regulation information, that can be displayed on the instrument cluster or utilized for driver assistance systems.

Driver assistance engineering services

Highly qualified development services from worldwide experienced professionals who are passionate.

Integration with other EB products and services

EB Assist provides comprehensive solutions. Our combination of experts and products with different focuses of automotive software enables us to address your specific automotive challenge with a complete solution. Benefit from our knowledge and experience in:

Functional Safety

A standard that has been especially developed for the safety needs in the automotive industry.

ECU software

We are a full-solution provider with our products and engineering services.


Learn more about our navigation solution EB street director and the feature electronic horizon.

Connected Car

Communicating with the cloud offers a number of new possibilities.

EB robinos

A comprehensive, hardware-agnostic software solution for highly-automated driving systems.

Success Stories

Daimler driver assistance software implementation — from smart to S-Class

Daimler is able to concentrate on driver assistance algorithm development and self-driving vehicles by passing progressively more tasks and responsibilities to Elektrobit as a tightly integrated software development and integration partner... Read more

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