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EB Assist Curve Speed Warning (EB Assist CSW)

Negotiating curves safely

It’s often hard to evaluate the speed at which to take curves, especially if the route is unknown or if the curves ahead aren’t fully visible. Safe— as well as automated—driving requires that a car´s system knows about the road ahead, including upcoming curves that the driver may be not aware of.

Carmakers can support drivers in evaluating the road ahead using EB Assist CSW, a driver assistance feature based on EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution. The system uses topographical data as well as geometric characteristics to rate curves.

EB Assist CSW recommends a maximum safe speed and generates a warning if the driver is about to leave a curve. It can help drivers stay on the road when they are distracted.

With EB Assist CSW, carmakers can help drivers get to their destination comfortably and safely.


Proven technology secures a sophisticated feature

EB Assist CSW is based on the EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution. The built-in accurate street map and topographical data as well as geometric characteristics of the curve are combined and analyzed. The feature can recommend a maximum safe speed for a curve and generates a warning if the driver is about to unintentionally leave a curve.

From development to serial production – reliable components save time and money

With our electronic horizon toolchain, you can test parameters and evaluate and visualize different configurations of EB Assist CSW. The EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution target components let carmakers and suppliers implement EB Assist CSW onto any electronic control unit (ECU). This complete, sophisticated solution saves time and money on predictive driving features like curve speed warnings.

Make it specific to your brand

With EB Assist CSW, you can trigger a carmaker-specific warning channel that aligns with the vehicle’s human machine interface (HMI) concept.

Set yourself apart from competitors

Features like EB Assist CSW let you expand your competitive lead on the way to autonomous driving. And with our extensive knowledge in driver assistance software development, implementation, and navigation, EB is a trusted partner of carmakers worldwide.

Predictive driver assistance features pave the way to autonomous driving

Awareness of street courses, road signs, and speed limits are prerequisites to enabling advanced driver assistance systems to perform within regulations. EB Assist CSW is one important component for these systems on the challenging path towards autonomous driving.


Key features

Key Features (EB Assist Curve Speed Warning)

  • Map-based ADAS feature
  • Quick integration into any ADAS ECU
  • Based on the ADASIS standard
  • Easy implementation due to a complete range of development tools and target software modules (including: EB street director ADASISv2 Horizon Provider, EB Assist ADASISv2 Electronic Horizon Reconstructor, and the appropriate EB Assist ADTF toolboxes)
  • Connected with EB Assist ADASISv2 Reconstructor (also available for Matlab/Simulink®) to model and simulate EB Assist CSW
  • Platform-specific parameter set for configuration
  • Triggers a carmaker-specific (speed) warning




EB Assist Curve Speed Warning is a predictive driver assistance feature based on electronic horizon.


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