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EB’s backend solutions

Customized cloud components for scalable backend-solutions

EB is uniquely positioned to offer cloud and backend infrastructures, as well as all necessary services to run, maintain, and create cloud infrastructures. We have over a decade of experience with client-server systems and our client- and server solutions have been incorporated into established manufacturing infrastructure backend solutions for major car makers.


Customization through a hybrid cloud

Our solutions are flexible and can be deployed where they are needed. Run our software in your own data center (completely or partially). Or, let EB operate the services for you.

Simplify to reduce costs

Moving functionalities into the backend reduces the complexity of embedded functionalities on the E/E architecture. That allows you to implement changes faster and reduce costs.

A backend you can rely on

EB monitoring of critical operational parameters and load testing, provides services you can rely on.

Highly-scalable software architecture

We bring to the table our deep experience in writing distributed stateless services that can run in large clusters across multiple data centers.
This approach allows for optimal scalability of your customized backend. Our solutions grow with your business.


The combination of horizontal and auto-scaling provides the necessary elasticity to deal with unforeseen load-peaks for your connected services.


You should know that:

  • We offer our customers 24/7 availability. This means you are not restricted by maintenance windows
  • The backends we host are based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) — the leading backend platform provider — so we’ve got excellent global coverage
  • You only pay for what you use
  • We offer a fast time-to-market through agile development and DevOps
  • We have a strict zero-tolerance-for defects policy. We use fully automated testing and deployment, guaranteeing you consistently high software quality. This provides a solid and secure foundation for our products


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