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EB’s big data analytics solutions

Helping you apply big data and machine learning

Vehicle sensors generating large amounts of data is nothing new, but the amount of data generated is increasing dramatically with increased connectivity. Processing all this data intelligently is a crucial factor in the war for market share, because that data can provide you with valuable insights to develop better automotive features.

All data isn’t equal, though. And handling data can be expensive. EB helps customers to develop big data strategies that make sense and deliver ROI.


Monetize your data

To offer consumers valuable new services, vehicle manufacturers have to bring together data from many different sources and data stored in diverse databases. EB can help you make sense out of all this data, including supply chain data, car sensor data, customer behavior information, etc.

Surface data intelligently

Passing data in real-time isn’t always the best solution. Transferring data you don’t need incurs unnecessary costs. Instead, you can transfer data exactly when you need it.
Reports and dashboards help you understand what you need to know with just a glance. EB can prepare and customize them to provide the information you need.

Faster time to market

With the right data at hand, you can make better decisions about features and speed up your product development cycles. Be the first in your market to offer your customers what they are longing for.

Gain your consumers trust

Research shows that a big concern for connected car drivers is their privacy. EB can consult with you on the anonymization of data to increase privacy without losing the data´s value. We can help you build privacy into your design.


Key Features

  • Use of real-time and batch processing technologies
  • Scalability through use of the latest distributed processing technologies
  • Tailored specifically to the needs of the automotive industry
  • Validation and enrichment of digital maps using sensor data
  • Data mining experience
  • Service development and optional cloud operation





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