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EB’s on-board software components

On-board software components are the entry point from the cloud into the vehicle. They’re essential for secure connectivity.

EB has all necessary building blocks to make automotive components embedded and connected. We know the requirements for automotive industry infotainment systems, driver assistance systems, and gateway software, and how to make these on-board systems connected ones.


EB understands your needs

EB has two decades of deep automotive know-how and an understanding of E/E architectures. Carmakers can rely on EB’s deep knowledge of the industry.

Control interdependencies

We understand the interdependencies between embedded components and the cloud, and the impacts of those dependencies. So, we knowhow to implement secure and efficient communications from embedded components to the backend.

Short integration times

We offer integration of the OEMs own connection manager software as well as re-use of our proprietary connection solution.



Key Features

  • Connection management (online, Wi-Fi, roaming , offline buffered etc.)
  • Anonymization and privacy by design
  • Authentication and encryption




  • Intrusion detection and firewalling
  • Plug able on-board software connection to the backend, with well-defined interfaces that are ready to communicate through OEM-provided facilities or directly to EB’s cloud





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