EB Connected Car security

Protecting connected cars from cyber attacks

As cars become more and more connected, the risks to security increase. Before connected cars, intruders needed physical access to a vehicle to tamper with it. Today, the various wireless access points provide a greater working surface for hackers.

EB puts extensive resources and efforts to securing vehicles and helping car makers to ensure security in their software projects. EB works with automotive manufacturers to implement security principles such as “no security by obscurity,” and assume attacker will know the system as well as the manufacturer’s own developers and employees do.

Secure connections are the cornerstones in new business models for solutions like remote diagnostics. EB’s security solutions, already on the road in millions of cars, provide that solid foundation.



Rely on our extensive automotive security and safety experience

Automotive companies can and should learn from other industries which have dealt with cybersecurity for longer. But some issues remain specific to the automotive industry. EB is a trusted partner having worked on security in the automotive industry for over two decades. We understand the security requirements for safety relevant features.

Secure connection and trusted endpoints

Secure connections provide the basis for future innovations. Those innovations rely on connectivity, which must provide a secure path from the vehicle or fleet to the server.

Holistic approach

To create a secure vehicle, you have to consider all the connected elements and take a holistic approach. EB looks at security as a whole across all the different ECUs, servers, and systems involved in your solution.

Protect consumers privacy

Consumers are more and more concerned about their privacy. They know that the features offered in your connected cars affect that privacy. To keep their trust, carmakers must ensure privacy throughout the data life cycle.

Product Interaction Diagram Connected Car

Key Features

  • Standardized and efficient embedded cryptography architectures, based on AUTOSAR
  • Secure connection between car and cloud
  • Token-based authentication
  • Live monitoring of backend systems
  • Vulnerability monitoring of deployed software


EB Connected Car security related products, solutions, and services

Hardware-specific security

Software for hardware security modules

Security for applications

Components on the application layer

AUTOSAR security software

The security AUTOSAR basic software stack


Verification and authentication methods

EB cadian Sync

Secure over-the-air software updates.

EB cadian Analytics

Remote analytics tool for connected cars.


Integration with other EB products and services

EB corbos

Adaptive AUTOSAR product line for high-performance controllers.

EB tresos

Signals exchanged are used in functional safety applications as well as in applications that are potentially subject to security issues.

Functional Safety

The operating system in the ECU is the technology basis which enables diagnostics, security etc.

EB robinos

Key software components to bring automated driving functions and systems to series production.

Software for the automotive industry