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Electronic horizon and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

Drivers benefit from cars that know what’s on the road ahead. EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution provides accurate street map and topographical data for “predictive” driver assistance features. Through electronic-horizon-based driver assistance features, carmakers can stay ahead in the market and provide customers with increased safety and comfort.


Solution from one single source saves time and money

EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution combines navigation and driver assistance software and covers predevelopment as well as serial production. With this complete solution from a single source, carmakers and suppliers can benefit from EB’s expertise in navigation and driver assistance.

The most accurate data available

Our solution features the most detailed road geometry data currently on the market. It’s the same precision of data used for highway engineering and thus allows for smoother presentation and more accurate driver assistance functions.

Enable popular features

Electronic-horizon-based ADAS functions let you provide customers with popular features like curve-speed warnings, adaptive curve lights, night vision, traffic-sign recognition, range determination, and fuel-efficient driving.

Integrate with other systems

EB’s electronic horizon supports the EB driver assistance development platform and a wide range of other driver assistance platforms from various suppliers. You can produce an electronic horizon on any navigation system and integrate map data into any ADAS electronic control unit.


Key features

EB Assist Electronic Horizon Solution offers:

  • Navigation, map-based ADAS functions
  • Complete range of development tools and target software modules
  • Quick integration of map-based data into any ADAS electronic control unit
  • Digital map information and GPS data that can be used across car lines and model configurations, without needing an active navigation system
  • A platform based on ADASISv2 standard



EB Assist Electronic Horizon collects map data and provides to map based driver assistance functions


Integration with other EB street director features

Electronic Horizon is an EB street director feature. It integrates with other EB street director features, including:

Connected Navigation and Online Services

Create compelling navigation solutions that help your drivers to stay connected.

Map Display and 3D

A realistic map display and 3D map rendering technology help drivers to easily orientate themselves.


Integration with other EB Automotive products

EB street director is part of a suite of automotive software products. It can be used in conjunction with other EB Automotive products, including:

EB Assist electronic horizon

It provides accurate street map and topographical data, so you can implement highly requested driver assistance features for predictive driving.


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