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EB arware

Augmented reality for the automotive head up display

The development of an augmented reality head-up display (AR-HUD) requires a lot of know-how in different automotive fields. You need experience with HUD technology, driver assistance systems and data handling in order to generate an augmentation that perfectly fits to the current driving situation. Based on camera and radar data from the vehicle sensors – taking into account the vehicle dynamics data from the vehicle supported by digital map data and GPS positioning – the control unit calculates a model of the real exterior view from the driver’s perspective and can thus generate the augmentations at the correct visual point.

EB arware creates an augmented view of a car’s real-world environment on the HUD. It fuses sensor data to generate a model of the environment that is continually updated while predicting the movements of other road users as well as its own. With EB arware, you can augment navigation information on the road, e.g., information on lane changes or driving maneuvers. Or you can mark driving lanes and objects that can be visualized, i.e., recognize and depict which vehicles have adaptive cruise control or display a warning message on the center lane.


Reduces driver’s distraction while building driver trust in the vehicle

An AR HUD reduces distraction as drivers can simply focus on the field of view for information instead of looking at a range of instruments and panels. The software framework provides well-timed alerts that either caution or guide the driver, ensuring the driver is safe at all times. This offer of real-time information contributes to faster decision-making while also helping to build the driver’s trust in the vehicle.

Re-use saves money

AR software must be sensor-agnostic. Cars come with multiple sensors and you most likely want to re-use these sensors rather than invest more money into procuring new ones. EB arware is sensor-agnostic, so you realize lower production costs. Not only can you re-use existing sensors, but you can also leverage your existing ADAS and ECUs to create your AR HUD.

Augmented reality and UI creation in one package

EB arware leverages EB GUIDE to visualize data. EB GUIDE is a highly configurable and customizable HMI development toolkit that can be used to create UI assets. This means you would merely need one package for all your development needs.

An immersive, cohesive user and brand experience

AR enables a more seamless, immersive user experience that you can take advantage of. Offer your customers a holistic HMI experience that transforms their driving experiences while creating a paramount branding for yourself.

Key features

  • Data acquisition, fusion, and visualization
    Sensors in the car acquire and fuse data in real time to generate an augmented view for head-up displays.
  • Movement prediction
    The software predicts the movement of other road users as well as its own.
  • Configurable and customizable visualization tool
    The combined HMI modeling tool comes with custom use cases, 2D and AR widgets, UI workflows, and an adapter for vehicle-specific sensors.
  • Sensor- and platform-agnostic
    It is sensor- and platform-agnostic; it integrates easily with your ADAS and interior ECUs, which leads to reduced development costs because of re-use.


UX products and services


A powerful tool for intelligent multimodal HMI product development. EB GUIDE Studio lets you deliver the most advanced HMIs to your customers while staying on budget.

EB GUIDE Graphics Target Framework

Ensures that the powerful graphical interfaces you develop in EB GUIDE Studio render beautifully and are executed on your target in the vehicle.

EB GUIDE Speech Extension

Lets you design innovative speech dialogs while shortening development time for your HMI.

EB GUIDE Speech Target Framework

Interprets the speech dialog model on a user device, once you’ve developed it with our EB GUIDE Speech Extension.

User experience engineering services

The know-how, tools, and teams to bring your next-generation of sleek, intuitive user interfaces on the road.

Integration with other EB products and services


EB GUIDE is a state-of-the-art, multimodal development tool that helps you create stunning user interfaces across interaction modes.

EB Assist ADTF

EB Assist ADTF is a tool for the development, validation, visualization and test of driver assistance and automated driving features.

EB robinos

Key software components to bring automated driving functions and systems to series production.

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