ISO 26262 functional safety consulting on demand: two-day on-site support

Benefit from our many years of experience in functional safety


How functionally safe is your software? How functionally safe is your development process? How good is the safety awareness of the project team?

You know that you are working on a safety-relevant component, and that at some time in future your customer will send someone to assess your process. The results of this assessment will inevitably influence how you will be able to self-direct and conduct your project in the future.

But you do not really know where to focus on, what to address first in context of functional safety. There are so many possible fields. You do not even know right now what to ask an external consultant exactly about. But still, the thought of an upcoming assessment is daunting.

What if you could front-load this assessment and find out in a light-weight way where you stand?

Or you might be well aware of how your ISO 26262-compliant process should work but have this ISO work product that needs to be reviewed. A seemingly clear task, but you have nobody in your team who is able to do that, and writing an RfQ just for this task does not seem to have a good return on effort.

Elektrobit is one of the leading companies in automotive software and functional safety according to ISO 26262. This is due to our functional safety experts, their expertise and the challenges they successfully conquered.

Based on our experience, we offer support for you in increasing the ISO 26262 conformity of your software effectively and efficiently.

Two of our functional safety experts join your development department for two days, evaluate statuses and weaknesses, and develop improvement strategies with you.



Two of our functional safety experts support you as

  • Reviewer: If you need reviews of safety related documents and/or analysis.
  • (Internal) Assessor: If you are not sure whether your processes or documents withstand an official ISO 26262 assessment.
  • Consultant: If you are in doubt on how and when to perform specific safety analyses, or how a safety process can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Engineer: If you need work done quickly, e.g. assistance in finalizing a safety analysis or safety-related document.


  • Lead time: approx. three weeks from date of request
  • EB has more than 30 years of expertise in automotive software development.
  • Our software powers over one billion devices in more than 100 million vehicles.
  • We offer industry-leading software solutions up to the highest automotive safety integrity level (ASIL D).

Terms and Conditions

Price: 5900.00€, all-inclusive

This price is valid for customers within Germany. For inquiries from other countries we are pleased to provide a separate offer.


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