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Elektrobit effort in China results in high-quality global map compilation for leading OEMs

Categories: Navigation

Since 2016, Elektrobit (EB) in China has successfully managed map compilation, development and production of worldwide navigation map updates for the company. Its customers include Audi, Bentley, Daimler, Porsche, SKODA, Tesla and VW, which use these navigation map updates for their vehicles across the globe.

The challenge

Leading OEMs all over the world need navigation maps for diverse regions. These projects require the transformation of large amounts of data on a limited timeline. OEMs also look for a partner who goes “above and beyond” by providing value-added services such as updating map data, which helps them to reduce additional costs on software updates down the line.

EB also increased the bandwidth of its servers and established automatic data synchronization between servers in Germany and China to save time and ensure the smooth transfer of massive amounts of data.

Finally, EB’s China team worked closely with EB’s German-based navigation software team on appropriate work-arounds to minimize the need for additional software updates, which can be costly.

The solution

To streamline and accelerate map development, EB’s China office has been leading all of EB’s mapping efforts. The Chinese team works in conjunction with EB’s global map testing and navigation software teams—located in Germany, Romania and China—to deliver high-quality maps enabled with automatic, manual and bench testing functions as well as map data solutions for all brands across different regions within a strict timeline.

EB’s Germany and China organization upgraded its map compilation tools, moving from manual to automated compilation on more than 100 production servers, dramatically increasing efficiencies.

The benefit

This highly integrated approach has increased efficiencies and resulted in significant cost savings for OEMs. For example: Tesla accepted EB in China’s 2016Q4 China map updates with no map issues reported in the first round of testing thus they cancelled the second round testing and field testing.

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