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RTT rapid prototyping

Products: EB GUIDE
Categories: Human Machine Interface
Full operating functionality in the virtual prototype

The company

Realtime Technology (RTT) AG is a worldwide leading supplier of 3D real-time visualization technologies and services for industrial applications in the automotive (e.g., Porsche), aerospace, and consumer goods industries, as well as in industrial design.

The challenge

Porsche was using RTT’s high-end visualization software, RTT DeltaGen, and EB GUIDE Studio to model graphical user interfaces. The user interface was often just a dummy prototype, e.g., static images. Porsche wanted a real human machine interface (HMI) simulation within a virtual environment to better evaluate the interface.

The solution

Porsche and EB developed a functional extension of EB’s HMI tool: a plug-in within EB GUIDE Studio. Using the plug-in, developers can transfer a full user interface from a real prototyping project into virtual reality, where testers can interact by touch screen or speech.

The benefit

Variants of HMI concepts can be brought to life instantaneously for different automotive models and brands installed in a virtual CAVE. This innovative solution improves the previous inefficient processes and renders physical prototypes unnecessary.



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