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EB GUIDE GTF 5 training

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EB GUIDE Graphics Target Framework (GTF) from EB is the target runtime environment for Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) which are specified within EB GUIDE Studio. The training will enable you to run the entire toolchain from EB GUIDE Studio to the target hardware. Also you will learn how to use the new target releated feature EB GUIDE Script and how to extend GTF with your own functionality.

The course currently covers the version EB GUIDE 5.1. A course which covers the version EB GUIDE GTF 2.6 and EB GUIDE Studio 4.4 is available on request.


Whats new in EB GUIDE 5

  • Database driven vs. generated code
  • C++ widgets in EB GUIDE Studio
  • Renderer concept
  • Widget templates
  • Widget features
  • EB GUIDE Script

Running “Hello World” on a target hardware

  • Introduction into the entire toolchain
  • Creation of a “Hello World” model from scratch
  • Generation process for Win32 to run the model as a standalone executable outside of EB GUIDE Studio
  • Generation process and flashing on a target hardware (e.g. imx51 freescale board, linux)
  • Usage of the EB GUIDE Monitor (Formerly GtfMonitor) on Win32 and on a remote target

EB GUIDE Script (formerly GtfScript)

  • Introduction to EB GUIDE Script
  • Using EB GUIDE Script for layout
  • EB GUIDE Script functions
  • EB GUIDE Script and animations
  • Creation of an advanced widget template using EB GUIDE Script

Application development

  • Writing a “Hello World” application
  • Modifing a model to interact with an application
  • Read and write datapool values
  • Send and receive events
  • Creation of a EB GUIDE Script function

Widget development

  • Development of a C++ widget
  • Development of a widget feature
  • Integration of widget and widget features into an EB GUIDE Studio model

Additional trainings are tailored to your needs on request.

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