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EB GUIDE Studio 5 basic training (3 days)

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EB GUIDE Studio from EB Automotive is an easy to use Human Machine Interface (HMI) development tool which allows you to specify, simulate and generate powerful User Interfaces (UI’s) without limitations. It helps you to design multi modal UI’s with graphical, haptical and speech dialog systems without restrictions in number or kind of displays or any other complexity.

Central part of our architecture is our datapool architecture, the encapsulation of the HMI in one component separated from the applications. This de-coupling leads to a huge improvement of development efficiency and helps to reuse the HMI or the application.

This course provides an overview of the basic concepts and terminology of the EB GUIDE Studio. We will present the relevant EB GUIDE Studio methodology and workflow and introduce the basic elements.

The course will acquaint you with the design of software components and the possibility of programming your own Plugins using the EB GUIDE Studio interface (API), and will familiarize you with the modeling of complete HMI’s using examples and exercises.


  • Introduction
  • The ‘Big Picture´: Creating an effective project from scratch
  • The (new) widget template mechanism
  • The (new) animation and 3D mechanisms
  • The (new) GTF scripting mechanism
  • The event-driven hierarchical state machine
  • Conditions
  • Variants
  • Languages
  • Useful additional EB GUIDE plugins
  • Deleting / restoring / merging EB GUIDE elements
  • Teamwork tasks
  • Link states
  • Include states
  • Dynamic state mechanism
  • Event mediators
  • Generating
  • Final notes


3 days


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