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EB GUIDE widget & plugin programming training

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Location:  Determined at time of scheduling

Overview:  By writing your own source code you can extend the functionality EB GUIDE Studio is providing you. With this training you learn how to easily set up an environment and use advanced techniques to expand basic EB GUIDE behaviour.


  • How to extend basic EB GUIDE functionality with own written code
  • How to set up an IDE and environment to run EB GUIDE “out of the box”
  • How to use a sophisticated way to debug your code
  • How to pack your code in a GUIDE Plugin file, so other EB GUIDE user can apply it
  • How to program an own EB GUIDE Java widget
  • How to program an own Problems checker to validate the EB GUIDE model
  • How to start writing a Code Generator

Additional trainings are tailored to your needs on request.

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