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FlexRay training

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Location:  EB in Erlangen, Germany, or EB in Vienna, Austria, or at customer's location


FlexRay is a bus protocol which has been specified by the FlexRay consortium in order to support x-by-wire applications such as steer-by-wire or brake-by-wire. This FlexRay training gives you an overview of the time triggered communication protocol FlexRay. Main features of the protocol, the electrical physical layer, and the communication stack of FlexRay are presented. This training is customized for engineers and decision makers who want to get acquainted with real-time technology in general and FlexRay based systems in particular. Therefore, this training offers a condensed, yet comprehensive overview.


  • Trends in Automotive Electronics
  • Requirements posed by future applications
  • Bus system overview
  • FlexRay standardization
  • FlexRay applications

FlexRay protocol properties

  • Topologies
  • Frame format
  • Coding and decoding
  • Frame and symbol processing
  • Media access control
  • Clock synchronization
  • Wakeup
  • Startup
  • Controller host interface

FlexRay electrical physical layer

  • Network components
  • Topologies
  • Electrical signaling
  • Signal integrity
  • Bus driver

FlexRay AUTOSAR Communication Stack

  • FlexRay Stack Overview
  • FlexRay Communication schema
  • FlexRay Joblist
  • FlexRay State Manager
  • FlexRay Network Management
  • FlexRay Transport Protocol (Overview)


Project managers and software developers

Max. number of attendees:



1 day


  • inhouse training: EURO 2,800,- + VAT per training, excluding the trainer’s travel costs
  • open training in Erlangen: EURO 550,- + VAT per participant

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