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MOST Foundation training

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Course Description

MOST Foundation Training provides the knowledge you need to work with MOST. The MOST philosophy as well as it’s roll in modern multimedia networks are discussed. A complete overview of the components and software used in MOST based systems, and all basic network mechanisms are covered, including stram data handling, packet data handling and control messaging. MOST Foundation Training will enable you to understand and operate your own MOST based networks.

The training contains a mix of lectures and hands-on sections for a thorough introduction to MOST. During the exercises you will utilize popular test and development tools including OptoLyzer, MOST Radar, MOST RapidControl, and several prototyping tools. MOST Foundation Training is the basis for all other training modules.


Training Benefits

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic network mechanisms of MOST Networks
  • Understand MOST control messages
  • Set up and operate MOST Networks
  • Perform basic trouble shooting

Optimized Learning

SMSC’s training environment is designed to provide direct application of the course topics to your daily work. The advantages of SMSC’s training include:

  • Well-balanced mix of theory and exercises
  • Maximum of six participants to ensure close interaction with your trainer
  • Detailed training documentation
  • First-hand information from the #1 developer of MOST chipsets and software stacks

Training Module Overview

  • What is MOST?
  • Technological key features
  • MOST Cooperation
  • MOST Specs and Compliance

MOST Object Model

  • MOST Function Catalog
  • Communication mechanisms
  • Hierarchical systems management

Introduction to MOST NetServices

  • MOST NetServices role in the network
  • MOST NetServices role in the application
  • Overview on the architecture of MOST NetServices

Data Transport Mechanisms

  • Basic Network mechanisms
  • MOST frame structure
  • Addressing on MOST
  • Network Master
  • MOST control messages
  • Transfer stream data
  • Transfer packet data

System Management

  • Start-up and Shut-down
  • Ring Break Diagnosis
  • Error management
  • Audio management