Automotive agile planning training


Duration: 1 day

Format: in-house training

The automotive industry has many dependencies to consumer electronics and software that are both released in shorter cycles than a car is produced. In this training, you tackle the issue that it becomes harder to plan the full period for the development of a car in advance. It is essential that planning occurs periodically and allows to react to changes on the market.


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  • Empirical process control
  • Iterative requirements development
  • Organizational setup
  • Roadmaps and Release planning
  • Working with a product backlog
  • Story mapping

The focus of the training can be adapted to your needs.


Project Managers, Change Managers, Architects, Product Owners, and everyone involved in planning products.


Project management knowledge

Max. number of attendees:



2.500,00 € excl. tax, excl. travel expenses


The consultation and training content was built to the best of our knowledge and belief. EB assumes no liability for the completeness, correctness, actuality, or reliability of the contents. Also, no warranty is taken over for the usefulness and/or versatility of the contents.


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