EB HAD basics training


Duration: 1 day

Format: in-house and online training

Learn with EB HAD basics training the fundamentals of EB robinos and the working principles of automated driving.


Dear customers,
Travel restrictions might be in effect due to the Corona virus.
However, Elektrobit trainings are still offered as online classes.
Don’t hesitate to send us requests. We will contact you to figure out the best way how to serve your request, be it a virtual training now, or a classroom training later.


Your benefits

  • Overview of a complete architecture for automated driving
  • Get an idea of
    • What information is provided by sensors
    • How this information is combined by the fusion components
    • How an automated vehicle makes decisions and plans its maneuvers
    • How a plan is transferred into motion commands
    • The actuator interfaces of a car
    • How safety management works



  • Architectures for automated driving
    • Paradigms
    • Architectures
    • SAE levels
  • Sensors and their functional principle
    • IMU
    • Odometry
    • Ultrasonic
    • Lidar
    • Radar
    • Camera
    • GPS
  • Sensor data fusion principles
    • Fusion cycle and principles
    • Kalman filter
    • Particle filter
    • Usage in
      • Positioning
      • Grid fusion
      • Object fusion
      • Road and lane fusion
  • Situative behavior arbitration and path planning
    • Situation analysis and behavior arbitration
    • Routing
    • Path planning algorithms
  • Motion management
    • PID control
    • Speed control
    • Distance control
    • Heading control
  • Actuators and their interfaces
    • steering and engine interface
  • Safety management
    • Safety analysis
    • ASIL levels
    • Architectures





License provision

Evaluation license for 4 weeks included, unless contracts to ADTF-distributors exist on customer’s side (EB can provide the information)


Max. number of attendees

12 persons for each EB HAD basics training


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