EB HAD basics training


Duration: 1 day

Format: public (Germany) and in-house training

Learn the fundamentals of EB robinos and the working principles of automated driving.

Your benefits

  • Overview of a complete architecture for automated driving
  • Get an idea of
    • What information is provided by sensors
    • How this information is combined by the fusion components
    • How an automated vehicle makes decisions and plans its maneuvers
    • How a plan is transferred into motion commands
    • The actuator interfaces of a car
    • How safety management works


  • Architectures for automated driving
    • Paradigms
    • Architectures
    • SAE levels
  • Sensors and their functional principle
    • IMU
    • Odometry
    • Ultrasonic
    • Lidar
    • Radar
    • Camera
    • GPS
  • Sensor data fusion principles
    • Fusion cycle and principles
    • Kalman filter
    • Particle filter
    • Usage in
      • Positioning
      • Grid fusion
      • Object fusion
      • Road and lane fusion
  • Situative behavior, arbitration, and path planning
    • Situation analysis and behavior arbitration
    • Routing
    • Path planning algorithms
  • Motion management
    • PID control
    • Speed control
    • Distance control
    • Heading control
  • Actuators and their interfaces
    • steering and engine interface
  • Safety management
    • Safety analysis
    • ASIL levels
    • Architectures



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