HAD basics training


Duration: 1 day or 2 half days (4 hours a day)

Format: in-house and online training

Learn the fundamentals of automated driving and get an overview of a complete architecture for automated driving showcased by our EB robinos demo. “Sense, plan, act” you will get a detailed understanding of the complete robotics cycle that also applies to automated driving: from sensors to sensor fusion, from planning algorithms to decision-making and maneuver planning, and from the motion commands to actuators. After the training you will be able to classify a driver assistance or automated driving system into the SAE levels, and you will also become aware of topics related to safety management.


Your benefits

  • Get an overview of the sensors used for automated driving, which information they provide, and possible error sources
  • Learn how the sensor information is combined to improve accuracy and reliability
  • Get an idea of how an automated vehicle takes decisions and plans its maneuvers
  • Learn about the actuators in the car



  • Architectures for automated driving:
    Paradigms, architectures, and SAE-levels
  • Sensors and their functional principle:
    IMU, odometry, ultrasonic, lidar, radar, camera, and GNSS
  • Sensor data fusion principles:
    Fusion cycle, filters, and usage examples
  • Situational behavior arbitration and path planning:
    Situation analysis and behavior arbitration, routing, and path planning
  • Motion management:
    PID controller basics, how to control speed, distance, and heading
  • Actuators and their interfaces
  • Safety management:
    Introduction to safety, ISO 26262, hazard analysis and risk assessment, and ASIL



No special requirements for participation.


Max. number of attendees

12 persons for each HAD basics training



Material provided in training:

  • Slides (presentation, exercises, and quizzes)



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