EB Assist HiL training


Duration: 2 days

Format: in-house and online training

Scalable Hardware-in-the-Loop solutions for ADAS ECU function test and validation with the EB Assist product line

Handling huge amounts of raw sensor and vehicle bus data in the hundreds of petabyte range as well as maintaining a precise and comprehensive sensor model tightly coupled to a rest bus simulation constitutes major challenges for sufficiently testing and validating ADAS, automated, and autonomous driving functions.

With EB Assist, we provide powerful and efficient measurement and test systems for ADAS and automated driving development. This includes capturing data from various sensors and vehicle bus communication data during test drives and replaying them in a virtual environment, utilizing cutting-edge Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) systems.

In this training, you learn how to efficiently test the functions, system integration, and communication of ECUs in a simulated environment under realistic conditions to validate your ECUs and their functionality.

Starting with the principles of HiL and our portfolio of interlocking hardware and software, you gain knowledge about different HiL variants and how to adapt them to your use cases. As the software builds the cornerstone of such systems, you also learn about EB Assist ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework), the leading tool to capture, time-stamp, synchronize, and replay data to speed up the development process – from the first prototype to series production.

Additional software topics to be discussed in the training include EB Assist ADTF toolboxes, rest bus simulation, protocol tracing with the Wireshark plugin, HiL farm management, job control, licensing, and how to combine such HiL systems with a cloud-based data management tooling.

A dedicated hands-on session with our product portfolio allows you to apply the gained knowledge right away.


Dear customers,
Travel restrictions are currently in effect due to the Corona virus.
However, EB maintains all training offers and can also provide those as online training classes.
Please do not hesitate to send training requests. We will contact you to jointly agree on the best way how to serve your request, be it a virtual training now, or a classroom training later.



Your benefits

  • Understanding testing hardware and software
  • Understanding HiL architectures
  • Gaining know-how of EB Assist HiL systems
  • Understanding the EB Assist product line
  • Developing the ability to build your own use cases with EB’s hardware and software
  • Fast learning by hands-on practicing



  • EB Assist HiL principles
  • General hardware
  • EB Assist HiL variants
  • EB Assist software
    • Windows vs. Linux
    • EB Assist ADTF
    • Rest bus simulation
    • Wireshark
    • Farm management
    • Job control
    • License & toolboxes
    • EB Assist Test Lab
  • EB Assist hands-on
  • EB Assist troubleshooting


License provision

Evaluation license for 4 weeks included


Max. number of attendees

8 persons



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