Technical presentations training


Duration: 2 days

Format: in-house and online training

EB has an extensive experience in the fields of technical presentations, workshops, and training. This training course provides professional insights into “tips and tricks” with focus on communication in the technical part and practical exercises with constructive feedback. You will acquire deep insights into how to effectively deliver technical presentations, how to connect with the audience, and how to prepare yourself as a speaker. It is not good enough to be right – you need to be effective.


Dear customers,
Travel restrictions are currently in effect due to the Corona virus.
However, EB maintains all training offers and can also provide those as online training classes.
Please do not hesitate to send training requests. We will contact you to jointly agree on the best way how to serve your request, be it a virtual training now, or a classroom training later.


Your benefits

  • You will be able to deliver interesting technical presentations
  • Knowing the different approaches for online and face-to-face technical presentations
  • Detailed knowledge on how to communicate to any audience
  • Ability to connect to your audience and keeping it focused through your whole presentation
  • Delivering presentations in a professional, effective, and powerful way



  1. How to communicate (body language, variety, the four communication styles)
  2. Differences between a generic presentation and technical presentation
  3. How to deliver a presentation, speech, or workshop
  4. The inverted pyramid format
  5. How to use visual aids and props
  6. How to prepare for a presentation, speech, or workshop
  7. How to become more confident and relaxed in less than five minutes
  8. How to deal with a difficult audience
  9. How to deliver online
  10. Tips and tricks for professional speakers


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