Our values

At Elektrobit we put team spirit first. We want everyone who works here to feel part of a bigger community. There’s real strength in having diverse personalities under one roof. Therefore, everyone at Elektrobit follows these five guiding principles, that make our outstanding community possible:



To be strong, our basis is mutual trust. It goes without saying that we fully embrace an open-door policy, and we work hard to forge lasting partnerships with our customers. But that’s only possible when our word can be trusted.

For one another

We are stronger together. No one does things for their own benefit, but always with a focus on what’s best for the team, the company, our customers, and stakeholders.

Freedom to act

We want our employees to enjoy their work and to be able to succeed. We’re always open to new ideas and we’re happy to give our teams the freedom they need. Those who work best under their own initiative get a chance to do just that with us.

Passion to win

The core of our work is creating visions for the future. This can only be done with a great deal of passion and the courage to push the limits when needed. We always act fairly toward our customers and try to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Excellence with agility

People who believe in their own strengths can make a difference. For us, lifelong learning goes together with personal and professional growth. The huge knowledge and experience of our team combined with our agility is exactly what makes us stand out in our dynamic industry.