EB corbos - Where safety meets performance Everything you need to bring Adaptive AUTOSAR on the road

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EB velima - Customer satisfaction insights software. Listen and learn.

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Elektrobit Automotive - Embedded software solutions and services for the automotive industry

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EB robinos – DNA for automated driving. Functional architecture, open interface, and software modules

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EB tresos – Tools and in-car software for building AUTOSAR-compliant ECU systems

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EB GUIDE 6 out now – A modern HMI tool for graphical, voice, and touch UX design.

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EB Assist – ADAS and autonomous driving software solutions

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EB cadian – remote analytics for connected cars

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EB street director – A scalable navigation solution for automotive and consumer markets

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Software engineering – Solutions for all phases of the automotive development cycle

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EB solys - Advanced tooling for development and testing

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Connected car

The in-vehicle connectivity consumers want, plus safer cars.


Autonomous driving

Innovative technologies lead the way to autonomous driving.


Lean development

More efficient projects for satisfied customers and employees.


Electric mobility

Environmental friendly and almost noiseless.

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