EB tresos AutoCore

Industry leading AUTOSAR-compliant basic software

Implementation AUTOSAR-compliant basic software ECU

EB tresos AutoCore is an industry-leading implementation of AUTOSAR-compliant basic software for automotive electronic control units (ECUs). This versatile solution is based on AUTOSAR 4.x. It provides a modular and extensible framework, and is a perfect software base for developing innovative ECU software applications.


Full AUTOSAR support for each use case

EB tresos AutoCore is based on the latest AUTOSAR standards 4.x and supports all kinds of automotive communication networks, such as CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, and Ethernet. The individual AutoCore modules are grouped into hardware-independent and hardware-dependent products. All of this means your investment in one system can pay off in multiple ways.

Full extensibility

Our system is extensible with customer-specific software modules. You can integrate your IP, add value, and create your own winning solutions using EB tresos AutoCore as a solid base to work from.

Broad areas of application

The broad scope and the involvement of leading carmakers and Tier 1 suppliers within AUTOSAR opens a vast array of applications. EB tresos AutoCore can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Body, chassis, and powertrain domain
  • ECUs requiring Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN, LIN, and gateway functionality
  • Projects that require running software in accordance with the AUTOSAR standard, typically multiple-supplier projects or projects with a focus on software reuse

Road ready for industry trends

Our basic software stack is ready for scenarios like autonomous driving, which requires car domain controllers with high multicore performance. It has the flexibility of AUTOSAR and incorporates functional safety concepts as well as Ethernet networks to address the high data transfer volumes required by the increasing number of car sensors.

EB tresos AutoCore architecture

EB tresos AutoCore consists of hardware-independent products, grouped as EB tresos AutoCore Generic (ACG), and hardware-dependent products, grouped as EB tresos AutoCore Microcontroller-dependent (ACM).


EB tresos AutoCore architecture:




Key features

Extended quality statement

Consists of quality and metrics report as well as safety application guidelines for the OS and RTE. The quality and metrics report provides information on requirements tracing, test reports, static, and dynamic code analysis. The information can be used to support a safety argumentation up to ASIL B.

EB tresos AutoCore Generic (ACG)

The architecture basically consists of:

Base. Provides the main infrastructure for EB tresos AutoCore, required by any other ACG product. It contains assistants and plug-ins.

Run-time environment. Provides a scalable and highly optimized AUTOSAR run-time environment (RTE). The AUTOSAR RTE enables communication between application software components and provides the main interface between application software components and the basic software modules.

Communication services. Encompasses the AUTOSAR communication services for vehicle network communication. These services provide a uniform interface to the vehicle network, independent of the communication protocol used. The services are required in every AUTOSAR communication stack.

For each communication requirement, we offer either a CAN, LIN, FlexRay, or Ethernet stack which includes the specific network communication. Together with the communication services, they form a reliable solution for all types of automotive networks. We ensure efficient data transformation, i.e., mapping of signals to PDUs, via one of these formats:

  • Signal-based format resulting in densely packed PDUs–optimized for CAN, FlexRay, and LIN.
  • Generic data serialization format (new with AUTOSAR release 4.2), optimized for Automotive Ethernet

Diagnostic stack. Contains the diagnostics-specific AUTOSAR modules. They provide an AUTOSAR-compatible implementation of the Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) to be used by external diagnostic tools during development, manufacturing, and service. It also includes an extension to support the on-board diagnostics (OBD) protocol. 

EB tresos AutoCore Microcontroller-dependent (ACM)

The architecture basically consists of:

Operating systems. For each automotive ECU project, we offer the right OS based on the latest AUTOSAR releases and, if required, in accordance with ISO 26262 for functional safety requirements up to ASIL D. All our industry-leading operating systems can be seamlessly integrated into EB tresos AutoCore. Learn more here.

Microcontroller abstraction layer (MCAL). The MCAL includes the AUTOSAR module relevant to access the µC. We work in close cooperation with leading semiconductor manufacturers, like NXP and Infineon, to ensure our software runs on the latest microcontrollers.

How to efficiently separate automotive functions within a multi-core system – The recorded webinar

This webinar shows a number of use cases for EB’s hypervisor concept, its value to stakeholders and its importance in handling complex software systems. It also covers the separation of functions within a multi-core system, the high level of complexity due to increased functional consolidation, and how to enable complex project execution.

Integration with other EB tresos products & technologies

EB tresos Studio

The tool environment for EB tresos AutoCore software configuration, validation, and code generation.

Automotive IP/Ethernet

The automotive industry’s latest communication network for EB tresos AutoCore.

EB tresos Safety

Our Safety OS, TimE, E2E, and RTE solutions can be seamlessly integrated into EB tresos AutoCore.

Embedded security

Our security solutions are integrated in the crypto module of EB tresos AutoCore.

ECU software engineering

Services centered around EB tresos AutoCore.

EB tresos solution for Renesas RH850/F1Kx

This solution combines hardware-agnostic and hardware-dependent parts: all integrated together with the same configuration & generation tool.

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