Reducing AUTOSAR™ cost and complexity with EB tresos and NXP Real-Time Drivers



As the new S32K3 ARM® Cortex®-M based Automotive MCU family enters production, NXP has released its new ISO 26262 compliant Real-Time Drivers (RTD) software supporting AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR. Elektrobit’s EB tresos AutoCore Generic and EB tresos Studio are part of the pre-integrated package for the S32K3 MCU family. In this free webinar, experts from NXP and Elektrobit provide an overview of RTD and how the EB tresos product line can reduce the cost and development time of AUTOSAR projects avoiding the extra effort of integrating basic standard software with the hardware-specific drivers and operating system.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Overview of the NXP S32K3 MCU family and RTD software
  • Understand the significance of Classic AUTOSAR
  • Overview of Elektrobit’s EB tresos product line pre-integrated for the S32K3 MCU family
  • Understand how to configure RTD MCAL for your AUTOSAR project with the well-known and established EB tresos Studio tool


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