EB tresos AutoCore J1939


Enabling communication between vehicle components of different types or manufacturers

AUTOSAR defines a software architecture which also supports SAE J1939 standard. It is now possible for projects within the commercial vehicle market to take advantage of the broad offering of the AUTOSAR stack. J1939 protocol is based on the CAN bus and enables the communication between ECUs in heavy-duty vehicles. Functional safety plays a key role in ECU development of commercial vehicles. The combination of AUTOSAR and the J1939 protocol enables the utilization of well-established safety mechanisms.

J1939 standard in a nutshell

  • J1939 was developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) as a standard for heavy-duty on-highway, farming, and construction vehicles
  • Based on CAN physical and data link layer (ISO 11898)
  • The standard is clustered on different topics such as
    • General usage, specific application areas, physical layer, data link layer, network layer (gateway), application, network management
SAEJ1939 Trucks Outline


Manage cost structure in heavy-duty ECUs by reusable software components.

Plug and play

Components of different manufacturers work together. (ex: Truck and Trailers independent of the manufacturer.)

Communication based on CAN

CAN is well known and established and supports the reuse of interfaces already known in the automotive industry.

EB tresos AutoCore J1939 stack in an AUTOSAR environment

  • Fully integrated into EB tresos AutoCore – Making it easier to integrate the SAE J1939 communication stack into the AUTOSAR environment.
  • Defined interfaces to basic software modules to make the implementation of communication between heavy-duty vehicle components easier
KV SAEJ1939 V1

Modules of EB tresos AutoCore J1939 stack

  • J1939 Transport Layer – Handles the segmentation and reassembling of data, control of data flow, and timeout supervision.
  • J1939 Diagnostic Communication Manager – Defines the message structures and behavior of so-called diagnostic messages which are used for diagnostic communication in J1939 networks in accordance with SAE J1939-73.
  • J1939 Request Manager – Handles received and transmitted request and acknowledgement parameter groups in accordance with SAE J1939-21.
  • J1939 Network Management – Handles received and transmitted address-claimed parameter groups in accordance with SAE J1939-81.

Further information on EB’s AUTOSAR solutions and functional safety