Safety & Security – Precursors to autonomous driving

This paper displays solutions for a holistic approach to safety, security and availability to respond to changing threats regarding autonomous driving.


Safety & Security - Precursors to autonomous driving

Table of contents

  • Integrity and safety mechanisms
  • Security mechanisms
  • Message protection by security measures
  • Systems and software development
  • Safety and security in AUTOSAR ECUs


The “car of the future” is poised to deliver increased comfort, convenience and safety but with these benefits comes an increased potential for damage. In the past, damage could only be inflicted upon a vehicle through direct physical access. Today, however, a car can be compromised without physical intervention via the wireless networking associated with connected vehicles. As the industry moves toward a truly autonomous driving experience, managing rising in-vehicle system complexity and related security vulnerabilities will demand greater focus from automakers and suppliers. The longterm goal is to develop a self-protective system, designed to respond to changing threats. To be successful, this requires a holistic approach to safety, security and availability.


Resource type
Tech paper


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