EB corbos AdaptiveCore

EB corbos AdaptiveCore is the software base for safe and secure high-performance controllers. It provides a holistic software framework according to the industries’ new Adaptive AUTOSAR platform.


Full AUTOSAR support for each use case

EB corbos AdaptiveCore is based on the latest Adaptive AUTOSAR platform and supports automotive Ethernet. The AdaptiveCore platform is compatible with POSIX-based operating systems and designed for flexible use from infotainment to automated driving applications.

Easy integration of connected and automated driving applications

EB corbos AdaptiveCore supports the standardized process for integrating applications following the Adaptive AUTOSAR platform methodology.

Fast and secure addition of functions over the air

The software framework provided with EB corbos AdaptiveCore allows you to reload and extend software functions at run time, which is required for updates over the air.

Highest safety levels

The combination of EB corbos products with safety products provided by EB allows you to fulfill highest automotive safety levels on performance systems.

Saving development time and cost

EB has long-term relationships and cooperates closely with leading semiconductor vendors like Intel, Nvidia, NXP, and Renesas. EB corbos products are available on their platforms and include testing on target systems for production level quality.

EB corbos AdaptiveCore for Adaptive AUTOSAR


  • Software architecture according to AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform standard
  • Multi-OS support for POSIX based operating systems (e.g. Linux, QNX)
  • Service oriented communication via ARA::COM and ARA::REST.
  • Available on multiple hardware platforms (e.g. Intel, Nvidia, Renesas etc.)
  • Interoperability with EB products for AUTOSAR classic and security
EB corbos AdaptiveCore for Adaptive AUTOSAR_A

Integration with other EB corbos products

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