Automotive Cybersecurity

Automotive Cyber Security

Holistic automotive cybersecurity

On the one hand, connectivity functions allow manufacturers to monitor the vehicles’ state and install security updates when necessary. On the other hand, the growing number of communication channels increases the potential of gateways for hackers. To create a secure vehicle, you must consider all the connected elements and take a holistic approach.

From the single ECU to the cloud

Defense in depth: Our concept covers all the layers affected inside and outside the vehicle environment: individual components and ECUs, bus systems inside the vehicle, external interfaces and protocols (including WLAN, for example) as well as end-to-end encryption and protection of all relevant services. This not only ensures system integrity and prevents attempted misuse, but also meets the ever-increasing legal requirements for data privacy, data protection, and information security.

From embedded to automotive cybersecurity

Elektrobit’s offering enables end-to-end security for connected vehicles. Our automotive cybersecurity solution consists of efficient embedded cryptography architectures based on AUTOSAR, and customer-specific requirements. The security mechanisms are designed for secure communication, authenticated identification, theft protection, anomaly detection, intrusion detection, and all types of cryptographic calculations, secure updates, and secure diagnostics. Our platform-independent, modular offering lets our customers also pick and choose separate products and solutions.

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Supporting UNECE R155

As of July 2022, UNECE regulation UN R155 applies to all new vehicle type approvals and requires the OEM to meet a list of mitigations to ensure cybersecurity in their vehicles. Elektrobit’s products can support your system in implementing these mitigations. Find out how you can address them with Elektrobit’s products in this list.

Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) compliance

Elektrobit has been accredited to the objectives put forth in ISO/SAE 21434:2021, an ISO standard dedicated to road vehicles cybersecurity engineering. The standard fulfills the requirements for a CSMS as defined by the regulation UN R155.

Cybersecurity maintenance

Elektrobit’s cybersecurity maintenance keeps your Elektrobit software stack secured and its infrastructure available until the end of the lifecycle while monitoring, providing advisories, and enabling updates. It helps you to meet strict requirements and maintain high standards for cybersecurity so you can commit to more secure and safer vehicles.

Get in contact with Elektrobit’s cybersecurity experts for more details.

Elektrobit's Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS)
Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) Certificate

Elektrobit’s end-to-end vehicle security concept in detail

Defining Automotive Cybersecurity

Defining the system security

Connected car engineering services

Reliable backend solutions – Customized cloud components for scalable backend solutions.

Safety & security consulting

Extend your existing development and production processes to fulfill the increasing demands of applicable standards.

Automotive Cybersecurity EB zentur

Secure the in-vehicle system

EB zentur

Microcontroller-specific software to enable the hardware security features and abstract to the higher level basic software. Can be implemented in:

> Adaptive AUTOSAR
> Classic AUTOSAR

Automotive Cybersecurity EB cadian Sync

Securely mitigate the damage and immunize the fleet

EB cadian Sync

Wirelessly distribute and install security patches to eliminate vulnerabilities of your fleets via an end-to-end encrypted communication link between backend and on-board components.

Automotive detection and prevention of external attacks

Early detection and prevention of external attacks for in-vehicle networks

EB zoneo SwitchCore Shield

An automotive-grade switch firmware in combination with Ethernet IDPS library is the winning combination for E/E architectures which require high performance, flexibility, and strong protection against cyber threats.

cybersecurity for CAN bus

Cybersecurity for CAN bus networks


Meet mandatory regulation requirements for CAN cybersecurity with Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) for CAN.


Complementary offering by Argus

Argus Cybersecurity

In the area of security, Elektrobit partners with ARGUS to prevent cyberattacks in vehicles.
By joining forces, we make it easier for car manufacturers to take a proactive approach to automotive cybersecurity.

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