AUTOSAR software for fail-operational systems

Highly reliable execution and communication

Fail-operational systems are indispensable in achieving true autonomy in vehicles, with Classic AUTOSAR being your key to supporting this transformative shift.

As the industry propels towards autonomous vehicles at SAE Levels from Level 3 to Level 5, fail-safe systems are no longer sufficient. Instead, the demand for fail-operational systems is to ensure continuous and reliable operation during failures, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Traditional mechanical and hydraulic connections prove inadequate for the demands of autonomous driving. They are being replaced by more sophisticated x-by-wire systems for activities such as vehicle braking and steering commands. By replacing mechanical and hydraulic functions with electronic connections, these systems play a pivotal role in realizing autonomous functionality, paving the way for self-driving vehicles.

EB tresos Safety Fail-operational is engineered with ASIL D safety-qualified components, providing a comprehensive feature set essential for Classic AUTOSAR Basic Software. These features are crucial for future autonomous and x-by-wire systems, ensuring guaranteed continuous task execution and communication, protection against unintended service interruptions, guaranteed worst-case execution time (WCET), and a streamlined, less complex implementation.


Accelerate time to market for x-by-wire systems

Compliance with the Classic AUTOSAR stack facilitates swift integration, allowing seamless upgrades of existing systems to x-by-wire technology.

Achieve flexible and convenient application separation

Flexible support for consolidating quality management (QM) and safety applications in distinct partitions eliminates the need for system safety requalification, unless fail-operational relevant software changes are necessary.

Ensure guaranteed operation with a complete feature set

Guaranteed continuous operations, addressing key fail-operational requirements such as guaranteed task execution, communication, worst-case execution time (WCET), and preventing unintended service interruptions.

Enhance early system integration and prototyping

With robust support for hardware platforms crucial for x-by-wire systems, EB tresos Safety Fail-operational facilitates early utilization and seamlessly integrates into system prototyping activities.

: EB tresos Safety Fail-operational

Key features – streamlined for impact

EB tresos Safety Fail-operational offers a comprehensive feature set tailored for the distinct safety application design demands of autonomous driving and x-by-wire vehicle functionalities, meeting rigorous fail-operational requirements.

  • Classic AUTOSAR-compliant components, safety qualified according to ISO 26262 ASIL D SEooC
  • Support for highly reliable CAN communication
  • Improved MCU multicore and driver support for increased processing performance
EB tresos Bootloader architecture
EB tresos Safety Fail-operational architecture diagram (click to see the expanded diagram)

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