EB robinos Predictor

Comprehensive solution for accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead

Vehicles and drivers greatly benefit from information beyond the sensor horizon for a safer and more comfortable ride. EB robinos Predictor provides highly accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead for predictive, ADAS, and automated driving functions. Our offering consists of two core components, both supporting ADASIS v2 and ADASIS v3: EB robinos Provider to make the most recent SD and HD map data available and EB robinos Reconstructor to reassemble and efficiently store relevant electronic horizon data.

Did you know? In 2018, Elektrobit was awarded with defining the reference implementation of the ADASIS v3 Provider and Reconstructor by ADASIS Forum.

Out-of-the-box ADASIS Provider for R&D

We work together with leading map providers such as HERE or TomTom to provide the most suitable solution for your specific needs. By supporting the latest map material (for ADASIS v2 and v3), Elektrobit also provides an out-of-the-box ADASIS Provider for your R&D activities: the EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit. Using a GNSS receiver as positioning source and recording/replaying test drives, the kit contains everything that is necessary to run EB robinos Predictor instantly within your development environment.

EB robinos Predictor Eval Kit


Enable popular features

EB robinos Predictor allows you to provide electronic-horizon-based functions to your customers for a comfortable and efficient driving experience: from curve speed warning or traffic sign display to paving the way for automated driving features such as a highway pilot.

A single source that saves time and money

EB robinos Predictor combines navigation SDK and driver assistance software as well as back-end capabilities and covers predevelopment as well as series production. With this complete offering car makers and suppliers can benefit from Elektrobit’s expertise in navigation and driver assistance.

Easy integration with other systems

EB robinos Predictor supports Elektrobit’s driver assistance development platform, EB Assist ADTF, and a wide range of other driver assistance platforms from various suppliers. You can produce an electronic horizon on any navigation system and integrate map data into any ADAS electronic control unit.


Highlights of developing an electronic horizon with EB robinos Predictor


  • Comprehensive electronic horizon solution for predevelopment and up to series production projects
  • Utilizes digital map data to enable and enhance driving functions up to SAE Level 5
  • Functions as a map-based sensor to serve as a building block for automated driving
  • Extendable to your specific needs
  • Makes the most recent map information available (e.g. speed profile, predictive map information, etc.)
  • Compatible with the latest industry standards
  • Reassembles and stores relevant electronic horizon data efficiently
  • Enables the development and validation of software that is based on an electronic horizon

The two components of EB robinos Predictor


EB robinos Reconstructor

Target-ready, series-production software that reassembles and efficiently stores relevant electronic horizon data


  • Enables development and validation of software that is based on an electronic horizon
  • Provides complete protocol compatibility to connected provider
  • Configurable to store electronic horizon data that is relevant for the ADAS ECU
  • Supports usage of generic data: encapsulates data for vehicle communication buses such as CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet
  • Access electronic horizon data via a convenient and stable interface for all your ADAS functions

EB robinos Provider

Target-ready, series-production software to make the most recent map information available


  • Provides up-to-date map information such as a speed profile or predictive map information
  • Extends easily through custom profiles
  • Shares up-to-date HD map through OTA connection
  • Uses intelligent caching mechanism to avoid unnecessary data traffic
  • Offers an integrated, highly accurate positioning solution
  • Is fully compatible to the latest ADASIS v2 and ADASIS v3 standard

EB robinos Predictor partner program – Unmatched choice of interfaces and filters

Through our in-house development and the EB robinos Predictor partner program, where interfaces and filters for various tools and sensors are created, you can benefit from a reduction of integration and development costs.

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Further information on EB robinos and our automated driving solutions

Success story: EB robinos used in current and future ADAS functions of VW vehicles

The VW Group was looking for a software solution supplying current and future ADAS functions with digital map information and working across all its brands and vehicle models.

By including the EB robinos Predictor’s Provider as part of the Elektrobit navigation package, Elektrobit was able to offer a cost-efficient solution that worked for the entire VW Group. EB robinos Predictor became an essential building block for the VW Group to be among the leading manufacturers with regard to driver assistance systems. Their impressive variety of functions are not only available in their premium vehicles, but also in their entry-level cars.


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