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Develop next-generation, digital cockpits

Driven by AI & connectivity, the cockpit is gradually transforming from a driving space to a new kind of living space with software definition setting the tone. Drivers expect intelligent cockpits to match the HMI level they experience with their mobile phones. Elektrobit’s cockpit system service is a fully-fledged offering that closely works with car makers to design, create, and build the entire cockpit. It supports car makers in the development of next-gen, digital cockpits from specification to design & conception, to production engineering & the integration of hardware, software, and third-party apps.

These state-of-the-art, digital cockpits come with integrated Google Automotive Services (GAS), multiple speech assistants, and driver monitoring or digital mirrors systems. Additional system components such as premium 3D cover glass solutions for stunning interior displays, or pillar-to-pillar display panels and rear seat infotainment solutions will leave everyone in the car truly delighted.

Cockpit system solutions by Elektrobit



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Cockpit system solutions by Elektrobit

System overarching approach

Leverages a system overarching approach that combines several hardware and software components to offer ONE, holistic, intuitive, safe, digital cockpit solution for all driving-related information and infotainment.

Modular and scalable

Its modular design and service-oriented architecture enables easy scalability: from a single display to complex, multiple-display devices while running on one system on chip (SoC), on top of a hypervisor distributed to multiple (virtual or native) operating systems (Android, Linux, QNX, and others).

Single vendor development

Car makers do not need to approach multiple vendors and suppliers for their needs. With Elektrobit, car makers have a partner that provides the necessary technical expertise and know-how to get their ideas specified and turned into reality. As the service offering is flexible, they can choose the parts that they need and can design with the components they already have with minimal extra costs or efforts. This reduces development costs, efforts, and development time.

User and brand experience

EB Cockpit System Solutions offer a more seamless, immersive user experience that car makers can leverage to offer holistic, intuitive HMI experiences to their customers while capitalizing on creating outstanding OEM branding. With the service, OEMs can bring the car into the occupant’s digital life offering a host of features such as personalization, customization, knowledge, and interaction.

Key features

Car makers can combine a variety of hardware and software components for their tailored solution:

  • Create a customer specific blueprint and execute the development and production.
  • Provide customized features, HMI and application development and integration of third-party apps.
  • Provide advanced display module development and integration.
  • Transition from hardware based to software-defined platforms.
  • Software reusability, interoperability, and scalability.
  • Elektrobit combines hardware, software, and UX design.

Further information on UX and HMI solutions

success story of digital cockpit for Sony

Success story: Sony VISION S

Elektrobit developed a cockpit system that included Sony UX design, infotainment software, and a high-performance computer (HPC) for the cockpit domain with fully featured customer-specific software packages.


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